• Time saving

Due to our high time capacity, your employees save time and can take care of the daily sale business.

  • Experience in geographic logic

You profit from our long-term scheduling experience, as we have a sense for geographic scheduling and time management.

  • E-Mail / Fax / Movements / Booking system

Fast and competent service, due to our multitude of templates and experience in several booking systems.

  • Fast support

Immediate action of requests and inquiries 

  • Information flow

Constant updating of database

  • Professional impression

It creates a professional impression, as scheduling is carried out by an external partner, who also serves as a contact person.

  • More time = more dates

By daily follow-up, the quantity of appointments increases and sales increases too.

  • Additional administrative services

We update lists, create statistics, update CRM Systems and carry out professional administration support. With the help of those tasks, results can be evaluated and improved.

  • Point of contact for feedback / complaints

We forward any kind of feedback to the corresponding service representative.

  • Orders

We are always ready to accept orders and forward them to the appropriate dispatcher.

  • 100% focus on scheduling

We focus 100% on scheduling.  Customers are contacted the whole year long.

  • The way we work

Quality comes before quantity.

  • Instant calendars

With our tried-and-tested calendar system, appointments are immediately displayed, for all parties concerned. The online based calendar will provide you with all appointments and mutations, no matter if you are on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

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